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On Fertile Ground
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3rd-Jul-2014 09:39 am(no subject)

How do I just never get these posts finished?!

I got a LOVELY postcard from Crowjoy ( thank you SO SO SO much!) asking me about the job I applied for months ago - so I looked back, and sure enough, I left y'all hanging.

I got the job! I've been working there since the last week of April, and I'm kind of loving it. It's difficult, harder than I thought. I'm doing therapy now, so not my favourite area, and I was terrified, because I TOLD them that I haven't done therapy since grad school, which I finished in 2008, and they were strangely fine with it. The first month or so was REALLY challenging, because I felt like a fraud, and they really don't do any training or anything. I'm hitting my stride, and I have a pretty dedicated caseload, of returning peeps, most of whom are really good about doing homework, their motivation is good, etc. But there are a few more difficult people, and I'm doing my best with those ones too. I miss my kiddos, but at the same time, I'm thriving in a situation where I'm out of the house more, feeling good at my job, and interacting with other adults. It's hard too, though, because it's a 'needing' profession. And I have endless 'needing' at home, so sometimes I end up feeling like I am constantly addressing other peoples' needs and not necessarily mine. So that's tough. BUT I'm enjoying it a LOT, too.

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